Kristen Nicole Massage Therapy

People are always asking me for recommendations for services in our area. Below are some of the services that I am asked about most often.

Shorewood Elite Healthcare: "If you are suffering from chronic pain in Shorewood, Illinois, or if you just want to enhance your health through chiropractic, Shorewood Healthcare can help. Dedicated to helping patients achieve their wellness objectives, the staff at Shorewood Healthcare strives to teach and practice the principles of wellness care, in order to bring patients better health and a better way of life. We are committed to treating patients as whole people, rather than collections of symptoms, and truly care about our patients’ well-being. Providing a thorough diagnostic assessment, we will design a customized treatment plan, created to best address your unique medical concerns, and tailored to your lifestyle."-

900 Geneva St.                                                  815-230-7017                                                                                           Shorewood, IL                                                                                 

Organic Sugar/Salt Scrubs and Body Butter: This is where I order the body butter and solid lotion bars that I use for my office. Although I use the products natural (unscented) she offers the addition of an essential oil that adds additional health benefits along with a scent. Her entire product line is organic and wonderful. I have not been disappointed in anything that I have ordered. She is now based in New York state, but she does ship her products here. To contact Kristen simply enter her name in your search bar on Facebook or visit her full website at

Peach: Peach fills every woman's top two drawers. A Personal Stylist comes to you in the comfort of your home and discusses your 'basics' needs. Your stylist will use a 10 point measuring system to fit you for a bra that is both comfortable and beautiful. Peach completes your top two drawers with panties, camisoles, tanks, bottoms and more. The personal stylist in our area is Erika. She can be reached at for more information. Company website is

FIT4MOM: FIT4MOM offers group exercise classes for every stage of motherhood. Her classes are currently being run out of the Romeoville Community Center. Her goal is to not only make every mom strong and confident but to create a community for moms for support and fun. In addition to the group exercise she also supports the development of playgroups and  helps organize those much needed mom night outs. For more information please e-mail Eryn at or visit the company website at