Chair massages are offered anywhere in the Chicago-land area. I will bring my chair to you in your office or even in your home. Every event is customized to fit your needs. I will work with you to design the event to meet your needs, environment and number of people.  I will arrive on time and ready to start at our agreed upon time. I dress professionally in business or business casual attire depending on the event.

Corporate Events                                                                                                                       These events can be held for any occasion. They  are great for a stressful environment, a reward for a job well done, holiday parties and summer picnics. They can be done on a small scale for just a few people to a large event that accommodates 100's of people. My goal, if your event is during normal working hours, is provide massages with no disruption in the area I am working and in disrupting your employees to do the job that you hired them to do. You shouldn't even know I'm there!  Contact me today to discuss different options that will work with your business.

Home Parties                                                                                                                               Chair massage can be done at any party you have in your home. I have done birthdays, showers and even a wedding.  Parties can be done for just a few people to a larger event with 100's of people. My goal is to deliver massages without disruption to your party. Everyone loves a massage! Contact me today to discuss different options for your party.

Vendor/Craft Fairs                                                                                                                  From time to time I do chair massages at vendor and craft fairs, along with donating my time at charity events. Check my Facebook page for upcoming events I am participating in.

Kristen Nicole Massage Therapy